Color Run 2016

July 16, 2016

Color run is a 5K race in which participants are bombarded throughout the course with a cornstarch based dyed powder.  Each “color station” is a different color.  Covering the event was fun, exhausting, unique, colorful (obviously), exhilarating and absolutely horrible for my gear, my eyes and my lungs.

An event like this requires proper preparation.  First and foremost, protect yourself.  This dust smells/tastes awful and will eventually cause your eyes to start burning.  Wear a bandana around your mouth and nose or a dust mask.  Also, consider sunglasses if you don’t mind shooting with them.  I didn’t have either and so I left WAY too early because I felt like I was getting sick.  Second, protect your gear.  I didn’t want to ruin my Aquatech housings so I used plastic bags and secured them using my Aquatech eye pieces and tape.  Dust still got everywhere.  Honestly I don’t think there’s a way around it, but there was absolutely no damage.  Finally, wear clothes that you’re not particularly attached to, as they will be ruined.

I highly recommend covering this event.  If anything, it’s a great exercise of creativity and patience.  At first, I was unimpressed.  The first of the three color stations (pink) seemed really toned down compared to what I saw on the website.  I didn’t include those images. The other two stations – yellow, then blue (aka Smurfland) – were great!   Looking at these images, I really wish I’d been more patient and stuck around longer at certain spots to work the angles just a bit more.  — if it’s in your area, photograph it!!





Yeah, it burns…













Take your bag of colored whatever and throw it in the air.  I survived only three of these, then I felt like I was going to pass out.  This is the part where you REALLY need something over your mouth and nose…






My cameras survived 🙂


Thanks for looking!

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